Global warming is a serious threat to our planet and we all know that climate change is playing havoc with our mother nature. Burning of fossil fuels mainly for power generation is the main activity which is affecting the rate of global warming. Hence, renewable or clean energy plays a vital role in reducing the rate of global warming which in turn supports to make our world more sustainable.

We are a group of environmentally committed engineers who strongly believe that we should contribute to alleviate global warming by promoting clean energy especially solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. It is also our strong conviction that any improvement in energy efficiency will contribute towards the same objective. The result of such a green thinking is the culmination of Smartenersol.


To be a leading business house in the renewable energy and energy efficiency domain, thereby contribute to alleviate global warming.


To provide high quality and cost effective renewable energy solutions  and energy efficient products to local and international markets.


We strongly believe in our values such as:


These values are the foundation of everything we do. Our values provide a clear base to our company standard, throughout the project phases of Engineering, Procurement and Construction and beyond handover too.

The salient and unique features of Smartenersol are as follows:

  • Smartenersol is committed to highest standards of quality, efficiency and safety.
  • It always strives to create  value for the customers by innovative and efficient engineering.
  • It is not a for-profit or not for-profit organization.  Ours is a “For Sustainable Profit” company, a new sustainable business model.
  • Supported by professionals in the relevant field with vast experience in design, engineering, testing and commissioning.
  • Employs “just in time” engineering and procurement methodologies to optimize cost and design of all our products and services.
  • Ethically managed and financially sound with zero bank loans.

Smartenersol is essentially a socially responsible company. We aim to create a participatory work culture among employees and customers which will be a role model for other companies.